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Late night rumblings [27 Oct 2011|02:43am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Wow, tonight's the first time in years that I stayed up so long on LJ to browse communities and write comments. I've been lurking back to LJ for the past few months and having never been a FB enthusiast (not that I was much more active on LJ either), I finally realised I miss being part of communities, I miss exchanging opinions and making daily pic-spams and all those great things that LJ is for when you're a fan of someone/something. Pity that most of my friends' LJs are pretty much dead...


Yellow Fried Chippendales [07 Aug 2011|02:59pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Gawd, it's still ringing in my ears after yesterday's Y.F.C. concert: Japanese chippendales group performance :P

One thing I must admit is that Gackt looks much better in person than I'd thought. And he has a really nice body. Beautifully toned, not bulky, he obviously put a lot of effort to achieve that kind of body shape. Having said that, seeing him made my wonder what I ever found attractive about his face in the first place. Looking at the photos I took (yay me and JaME photo pass) I realised his face looks like a mask now and his blue contact lenses make him look really creepy O_o It was also visible he was tired. He kept squinting, even closing, his eyes and at the end, when they were talking to the public, he almost tripped and fell from the dais. His voice sounded good and I'm almost sure he didn't actually use playback @_@

Chachamaru was the most fun member, he had an amazing contact with public though You was also outgoing. Shinya (yup, the very same one from Luna Sea, ahaha, I bet he singed up because he envied Sugizo's numerous ventures 8D) was barely visible, pity because he's entertaining to watch when he plays the drums ^_^ That Jon guy was absolutely redundant, I mean why name themselves yellow if they have a whitey in the line-up? My personal eye-candy award goes to UZO 8D Love me a strong man on the bass 8D

Hearing Vanilla live turned out to be best thing about the whole evening. I'm sure I would have enjoyed this concert far more if Gackt just stood there and sung, especially his older songs, those really great songs that prove he was once a skilled writer. They definitely could do without fanservice, it just added that kind of cheap feeling that it's all staged and only fangirl-pleasing. Especially since they were all already stripping. Well, all except Shinya, because when he took of his shirt, it turned out he had a tank top underneath,ahahahhah XD

When Gackt said that !this! night was the best for him, I almost snorted XD It was a nice gesture to pick up the Polish flag with YFC written all over it and to use it as a cape, even Shinya wrapped it all over himself^^.
Unfortunately the feeling was partially gone when, after the concert, member of the club turned up trying to sell guitar picks and a suspiciously similiar flag. There were several flags thrown on the stage, so hopefully this wasn't the one they picked up, otherwise I'm absolutely disappointed ;-;

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Not easy being a Maid of Honour [26 Jul 2010|12:45am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I' in the middle of preparing a bachelorette party for a friend. I know only 2 girls out of 14 invited which makes it twice as hard to plan it all out. Before we go clubbing, I originally booked a table at The Mexican, which is a kitschy-itschy Mexican style restaurant, with delicious and cheap margheritas, Mariachi playing in the back and Zorro bringing you the cake. Trouble #1: You need to pay almost 15 euros per person to get a booking for more than 7 ppl. And some girls absolutely can't afford to spend that much (not to mention that renting a limo is also out of picture). So yes, I need to find a new place and there's only 6 days left .
Trouble #2: The bride-to-be wants to spend the night out and forbid inviting chippendales (not that I blame her , they're fucking disgusting and yes, this comes from a girl that likes men in make-up and drag)so inevitably I need to organise us some attractions to keep the night going. I exchanged messages with other girls and one of them wrote: 'Forget games, etc., bachelorette party is all about PENISES!!!!' a. k. a. trouble #3: the damn belief that a bachelorette party should look like some kind of a fallus-worshipping celebration with: a giant-veiny-penis-shaped cake with sperm-imitating-cream-drops sprinkled all over, penis-straws, penis-slippers, penis-headband, penis-pacifier. Penis-you fucking name it. Call me a crypto lesbian, but I don't find it that amusing. More like an unwanted gift which you'll throw out cause it's too crappy to show to anyone. And I know my friend well enough l to know that this is not what she has in her mind when she thinks of her hen night.

So the party is drawing really close and I'm totally out of ideas. Any advices or suggestions XD?  Help, please?

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